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How It All Began...
Pippi (mSBOS DC Khani's
Achtung Baby SC AOM)
came to us in 2004 and

was truly a spoiled
princess; from surveying
trampoline, to relaxing in a
recliner, she stole our
hearts and was a wonderful
breed.  We were told from
the start that Basenjis are
true - and along came T.K.
(DC Devils Peak TW Call of
Duty SC).
What is a Basenji?
Africa but are far from silent! Most make yodeling or
they not like something, such as being locked in
their crate.  "Bantu", also thought to mean "native to
the bush" in some cultures, is also thought to
mean "basenji" in some African dialects where
natives still hunt with their dogs today.  

The basenji is an athletic, intelligent dog that has a
very high prey drive and desire to run and chase.  
Looking for an easily trained dog that hangs on
your every command and can run off leash at the
park?  The basenji might
not be the dog for you!  
The basenji can be aloof with strangers and
stubborn at times, but they are loyal
companions to the patient owner.
Bantu Basenjis...
Where beauty & intelligence meet form & function!

Home of "Petra" ~ multiple Best In Specialty Show winner!
mBISS SBOS GCHB DC Bantu's Playing Rochambeau SC, mAOM
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In 2006 T.K. sired a litter at Tazamisha Basenjis - which brought us Twist, a red
basenji girl (mBIF SBIF FC Tazamisha Shasta Tiki Twist SC). Twist has her
daddy's silly attitude, spunk and desire to run!  Twisty is major pointed but didn't
have much success in the show ring, so she sticks to being a sun sponge!
2009, and T.K. spends more time nowadays as a couch potato.
Mimi easily completed
her AKC Grand
Championship title and
now shows on occasion
along with brother
Maestro and sister D.W.
Watch the latest news
page to see how they all
try to fill Mama Petra's big
pawprints on their way to
their lure coursing
championships and DC
Then in 2008 came Petra... can you say "oops"?  Clearly doG (and Pippi and TK!)
had other plans for us!  This funny girl keeps us on our toes, and easily earned her
AKC Bronze Grand Championship and multiple Best In Specialty Show awards.
Petra also earned her field title, making her a Dual Champion! This girl definitely
causes heads to turn! But it's her kids' turn now to take over the ring.
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Meet Mimi!
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